Creativity Training

with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology


Learn LSP® approach to generate and execute new ideas.


Course Details:

Creativity won’t come out easily, but through a systematic process. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is like making 3D prints of your own thoughts, guiding you in a state of flow through structured steps to explore, reflect on and refine ideas. During the process, participants will look through each other’s thoughts, prompt the brains to work in a different way, and finally unlock new perspectives.

Course Objectives:
    1. To generate creative ideas through deep communication and exploration of multiple perspectives among team members.
    2. To experiment with innovative ideas and learn from accompanying mistakes.
    3. To address challenges that cannot be tackled in a conventional way alone.

This is a program offered by HKU Space Executive Academy (SEA).

What our learn?

This is an excellent course with great, experienced professionals. The content is good and the videos and exercises really take you through a learning experience, which is good for adult learning. Finally, the time and pace fit reasonably in an executive work schedule.
Author, Leonardo C.
I got a lot out of the course. I feel that I have a good foundation of some basic principles of Design Thinking and I had fun applying them. I was actually surprised with my final project and the progress that I made.
Caron B
Stanley Ng
Stanley Ng1st Trained Facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play® in Hong Kong
Being a social change maker, Stanley NG launched Academyink HK, a business consulting firm, in order to help businesses transform in an innovative and collaborative way.

He was elected as the chairman of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Hong Kong in 2012.