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Established around the world since 2002, finally TrendWatching has settled down in Hong Kong to help forward-thinking business professionals stay ahead of customer trends, and subsequently unlock compelling innovation opportunities for explosive business growth.

Our global network of 3,000+ analysts across 50+ countries reveals the latest marketing trends monthly and quarterly for you. And we,TrendWatching Hong Kong, tailor the specific insights for your business visions, business models, marketing campaigns and product development.


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The business landscape is changing rapidly with the digital revolution. To thrive in this new world, you need to become a learning organization which can anticipate and adapt to change.

We take a hands-on consultative approach towards your business, always focused on unlocking the full potential of your people and your organization. From embracing digital and understanding big societal shifts, we design customized solutions for you according to your specific needs and challenges.


Enable strategies which lead to, or protect against, disruptive innovations.



Inspire insights and ideas by reporting on global innovations.



Provide deep analysis tailored to industries, regions and markets.



Develop an innovation mindset via training & workshops.

Case studies

The emergence of the global middle class is shaping the future of business and consumerism fast.

What is the global middle class?

Actually, it refers to the people all over the world whose basic needs are met, and then be able to join status race.

And status race is not about what you have, but who you are.

But how can you turn this trend into profitable opportunities?

Firstly, you should help consumers be the people they want to be.

Secondly, you should help consumers realize their material aspirations.

For more details, just join our programs and workshops for more inspiring insights!

Meet our consultants

Name : Joe Ho
Title : Trend Ambassador, Asia Pacific

Name : Stanley Ng
Title : Trend Ambassador, Asia Pacific

Joe Ho is the Trend Ambassador for TrendWatching (Hong Kong), responsible for trend thinking and content in the region.

Joe now promotes Innovation Thinking and TrendWatching in Asia, and has been invited to collaborate with large-scale corporations such as KMB, PCCW (“STAKK”), McDonald’s, as well as conduct workshops with the Civil Service Bureau (HK).

Design should not be subtle, but an ongoing process. At the same time, designers will play the key role of “Interpreter of society and technology with the eye of empathy and sense of humor”.

Stanley Ng masters design thinking with hands-on practice, system thinking and strategy development. Analyzing latest global trends, he provides you marketing insights for your success.

Stanley is a seasoned corporate consultant, with over 15 years in management and entrepreneurial experience.  He has launched Academyink HK, aiming to provide corporate training, and is the director of a multi-business enterprise as well.